Your Essential Celeb and Street Fashion Edit, with Sparkle, Sugar and a Spritz of Lemon
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Your Essential Celeb and Street Fashion Edit, with Sparkle, Sugar and a Spritz of Lemon

big black colored box with a photo of 2 legs sitting on a boat deck wearing nomadic state of mind rope sandals

Straight from Vogue

I love that this story came out just days after our last newsletter sharing with you all why Rope Sandals were the shoe of the summer.
In the Vogue story above written by
She writes about traveling to Spain for vacation, packing her Nomadic State of Mind sandals, and how the relationship with her rope sandals started.

I remember when I first spotted them, it was on vacation in Nice, France.  I didn't leave the country without a pair.

I especially love Madeline's recount of what wearing her vacation infused rope sandals means to her wearing them back at home. 

Read the story and be inspired.
Jen and Giselle love them too!

Shop the shoes
Style Edit

  A coveted style, not only by Hailey and Gwyneth, but by just about every woman with a hand on the fashion pulse.

 Guam is a haven for those fashion styles that seem to sell out globally.

  It's probably why we still have our light wash vintage denim shorts still in stock.

 Quick!, grab a pair before word lets out.

Mainstream Market's Secret Resides Here In Guam.

From Fashion Magazine to Movie Scene's, Fashion is in full display and creating desire and aspiration. 

We have a treasure trove of celebrity-approved pieces in stock now.

From the Black Canary wearing our gold ear-climbers
or a  Vogue edit, featuring a New York designer making PPE's for our medical heroes,

  wearing our moonstone gold ring.
And straight to the featured shorts in this email?

We seem to be on track. 
Join us, will you.


Get your legs ready to shine,
Al Fresco!

So, you're ready to wear shorts,  but your legs still think you are in quarantine?

No problem!
How about a  little luxury "at home" spa treatment with one of the freshest and purest coconut oil products on the market?

Maiden Palau's Virgin Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
with Coconut Honey
, to the rescue!

 I love clean beauty, especially when it's Organic, Natural,
and made with a Small Carbon Footprint.

  The silky smooth finish I get after using Maiden Palau's
Virgin Coconut Oil Sugar scrub is light and delicate. 

And the gentle exfoliating action that cleans, polishes and moisturizes my skin,
making me feel really pampered and 100% ready for anything. 

Plus, it smells like sugary honey syrup on a tropical vacation getaway,
so I’m instantly transported to an elevated state of mind. 

"Oh, sweet coconut, heaven!"

  It also absorbs very quickly, so no extra work once I’m out of the shower.
And I get to support the environment at the same time.
Talk about efficiency.

Artisan, Made in Palau with pure high-quality DME cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, 
the exclusive coconut oil extraction process used to make this divine brown sugar, coconut syrupy scrub.

You'd be hard-pressed to find anything on the market that even
comes close.

 This DME process  ensures the freshest, fairest, most future friendly coconut oil available,

and puts the VOCO in a class all its own. 

Ensuring a small carbon footprint and a totally sustainable,
fair trade, hand-made process.
This is one cottage Industry that keeps the island's community Working, Green, and Sustainable.

  I love that. 

"Sustainability is the Word.

So forget the mass-produced, sub-par, and artificial
and chemical-based coconut body oils
and scrubs
you see floating around these days.

You deserve the healthiest and the best.
Try my favorite coconut sugar scrub today.

Oh!  how about a discount?
and use this one time 10% off code upon check out.

(expires 9/6/2021)

Fun Fact:  Palau just so happens to be
one of the last Corona-virus-Free
countries on earth. 
How's that for  "Sweet ,Sugar,
Coconut Heaven" ?




 Turn regular drinking water into heavenly water!

 Amethyst Gemstone Droplet

Vitalizing wine on-the-go, in a restaurant, or your friend’s house, the Gemstone Droplet is

a fantastic conversation starter. 

The handcrafted Gemstone Droplet is a mini version of our Gemstone Vial,

filled with clear quartz,  a fiery garnet, and an exquisite amethyst. 

Its water drop design is eye-catchingly elegant.

To ensure that GemWater and wine lovers have their personal Gemstone Vial 

ready in their bag,

the Gemstone Droplet comes with an exquisite leatherette case.

Designed in the German Alps, the VIA bottle features a variety of carefully hand-selected gemstones and is made from premium borosilicate, pollutant-free glass.



What we're drinking:

Immune Boosting Morning Tonic

 Photo of lemons with a recipie card on the front listing the ingredients to our Morning Immune Boosting Tonic which is half a lemmon squeezed into a glass with 1 tablespoon applecider vinegar and a scoop of wheatgrass powder all mixed with water and taken on an empty stomach and at least 15 minutes before first meal

We've all heard that starting your morning out on the right foot sets the tone for the day.

This has always been true for me, and it's amazing how just the smallest detour can change the beat of an entire day.
I tend to develop "unintentional routines", and as lackluster as that may sound, I must admit, it's been a gift. 

Here are just a couple of the habits I've implemented
into my morning routine, that I have found to help
boost my energy, productivity, and health.

Interested in my morning tonic?

First things first!
A tall glass of clean delicious water.
(I make mine Gem-Water!)

  Waking up and re-hydrating, first thing,  feels great, especially after a long night's sleep.
  I also make it a priority to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  I start off by filling up my favorite Gem Vial decanter
every morning, with the goal, to have it finished before lunch. 


 I prepare my Immune-Boosting Morning Tonic that I believe prepares my body for the day
by aiding in cleansing and nourishing my insides.  

I drink it down with my daily supplements.
(well, I shoot it really, as it still is not my favorite tasting beverage)

It should be noted, that starting out with just lemon in warm water every morning is a great start!
  • Lemon water cleanses and stimulates the liver and kidneys, so I like the idea of pampering my insides and clearing out any lingering chemicals and toxins, just as I do my outsides.  And with Lemon water, its a cinch.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding this healthy immune-boosting tonic to your morning routine.

You will need:
1 Lemon
1-2 TBS Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)
1 Tsp Wheat-grass powder
(drink at least 15-30 minutes before your first meal.)

  • Vitamin C is a perfect antioxidant that helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. 
  • It's anti-inflammatory and along with the ACV, alkalizes the body (once it hits the gut).
  • Protecting my liver and reducing the formation of crystals or stones that can form in the kidney.

  • ACV -   I like to use a high quality raw and unpasteurized like Braggs - with the mother.  Its main source is apples. 
  • (do not use distilled white vinegar)
  • It's a digestive aid and helps with insulin sensitivity.
    It's great for your Microbiome, our "second brain", so it has a huge impact on our immune system. 70% of our immune system is located in the gut.
  • helps you absorb minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, magnesium Vitamins C, K, and B12. 
  •  Stimulates the immune system by helping white blood cells speed up to help fight infection.

  • First, It is a Super Food!
  • It boosts your immune system by enhancing its functions which can help ward off infection. 
  • It's important to have a strong immune system to help combat any colds, illnesses, or virus's we can catch.
  • Helps with detoxification, by aiding the elimination of toxins.
  • Boosts energy and improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • All that fantastic chlorophyll in your body does wonders for your skin, blood, and organs by rejuvenating your cells and supporting your liver.
  • An excellent source of fiber and may curb your morning cravings for sweet-tasting foods, which your waistline will thank you for later!

The powder form is the easiest way to consume this miracle plant, and one serving stirred into your lemon and ACV water glass is a great addition to set your day straight.

  • it's very high in potassium, so take that into consideration if you suffer from kidney disease.
  • After a couple of weeks, you can work up to 2 tablespoons of ACV and a Whole Lemon.
Know that ACV does come in pill form and like Wheatgrass,
Should only be purchased from a trusted supplier,
such as a reputable health store

Remember, this is not a "magic bullet".
This is a daily tonic to nourish your body and  help improve your
overall health and energy. 

A good diet and a healthy active lifestyle are always important and advised.

Make the decision to live a simpler lifestyle which includes:
removing yourself from toxic relationships;
learning the art of forgiveness;
and being of service to others. 

After all, our psychological (and emotional) well-being is intimately connected to our physical health.   

And lastly, don't forget to drink lots of water and smile daily!



And Finally, The Quote that's motivating us this week!
colorful photo of a woman with whimsy and flowers all around her and the quote from Deepak Chopra that says  "You  must find the place inside of you where nothing is impossible".

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