VitaJuwel glass bottles and gemstone vials are so much more than just jewelry for your water. The VitaJuwel concept of breathing life into water with the use of precious gems and their natural vibrations is the modern interpretation of age-old traditions. Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated by gems.  Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are considered precious all around the world. However, gems have also been treasured because of the belief in their numerous properties and healing attributes.


The tradition of vitalizing water with gems can be traced back thousands of years. VitaJuwel has rediscovered this knowledge and has interpreted it with a contemporary, sophisticated approach. Their mission: Natural elegance combined with holistic functionality. Analytical crystal healing approaches are a significant component of many holistic therapeutic practices. All of the twelve VitaJuwel gemstone blends are tailored to specific attributes and follow those crystal healing traditions.


Everyone knows how fundamentally important the quality of fresh and lively water is for your body’s functions. VitaJuwel helps to fall in love with vivid, pure and healthy water. Water is not just an assembly of oxygen and hydrogen molecules. It‘s not just H2O. Scientists discovered that water has a memory, and that it can be positively stimulated by sources of vibration and energy. Sources like the gemstones in VitaJuwel products. Vivid and fresh water features a sublime crystal silhouette. Tests have shown: GemWater by VitaJuwel has a crystalline structure that is comparable to pure spring water.


In the US, there are 3,000 plastic bottles used and thrown away while you read this sentence! Support VitaJuwel’s strive to stop this horrible habit and safe the environment with a ViA Bottle.


VitaJuwel’s best-selling, original gemwater bottle features an all-sealed, sustainable gempod filled with precious gems. The only worry-free solution to prepare crystal water without fear of pollutants. Its premium glass cylinder and stainless steel components make it a timeless design piece The last water bottle you’ll ever buy.


A match made in heaven: VitaJuwel also provides hand-crafted, original Gemstone Vials, filled with a vibrant selection of precious stones and elegant decanters.  VitaJuwel’s interpretation of an age-old recipe for pure water with a “fresh from the spring” quality and taste. When usability meets elegance, perfection is born.


VitaJuwel products are designed on a drawing board by members of the founding family in the German alpine uplands and extensively tested by friends all over the world. VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials are traditionally manufactured by master craftsmen in Europe. This is what makes every VitaJuwel product a true masterpiece


At home in the German Alps and in California, VitaJuwel strive to design products for crystal water lovers with care and tradition. Their founding family's mission is still the same as it was in 2007: To provide everyone with beautiful accessories that will help leading a healthier and happier life with HEAVENLY WATER!

VitaJuwel ships their products from Scheidegg, Germany to more than 60 distributors worldwide. From icy Norway to sunny South Africa, from Moscow to San Francisco. From Saskatoon to Beijing. More and more people believe in the VitaJuwel concept of creating Heavenly Water. That’s why more than 10,000 customers purchase a VitaJuwel product every month.


Imagine a single drop of water...

... rising as steam from a power plant. Rising ever higher and forming a cloud with millions of other drops. Floating in the air. Raining down to earth, sinking through multiple layers of rocks. Finally coming back up again as spring water. Then as a stream, flowing over stones and minerals. Down a waterfall in the middle of a forest. Full of life. Full of energy. Fully regenerated.


Imagine VitaJuwel.