What is VitaJuwel?

VitaJuwel products are “Jewelry for Water” and a unique instrument to prepare GemWater. Infusing water with gems is an age-old European tradition. The concept of crystal healing has been around for hundreds of years. VitaJuwel is a modern, holistic interpretation. They have re-invented it by creating glass products w/ gems to vitalize water like fresh from a natural spring.


What is GemWater? / Are the stones just for decoration? How does it work?

Water is not just H2O. Scientists found out that vital and fresh water has a totally different molecular structure than regular tap water and most water you can buy in plastic bottles. Everything in nature vibrates. Gemstones emit a subtle vibration that can change the structure of water. Even through glass, as it’s all about vibrations. That’s how VitaJuwel works. Gems infuse water with positive energy within 7 minutes. Sensitive people can even taste the difference!


What VitaJuwel products are available?

ViA GemWater bottle

  • GemWater-To-Go.
  • Glass bottle with a detachable bottom part (GemPod) that’s filled with 1 out of 12 available gemstone blends. Each blend is based on modern crystal healing research & infuses the water in a different way. See more info in brochure.
  • Holds 16.9 fl.oz., Glass part is dishwasher-proof
  • Lots of accessories available, like tea strainers (ViA +T), protective sleeves (HUGS), caps with handles (LOOP), replacement GemPods
  • bottle price determined by gemstone blend


Gemstone Vials & Decanter Era

  • Perfect for preparing GemWater in style at home, decanter holds 44 fl.oz.
  • Gemstone Vials are traditionally hand-crafted in a patented, artisanal method by master glassblowers in Bohemia, using lead-free glass and hand-picked gems
  • price determined by gemstone blend


Gemstone Vials & Dispenser Grande

  • Perfect for self-serving environments (e.g. office, boutique, gallery, shop, hotel)
  • holds 2 gallons of GemWater and includes a glass decanter with a stainless steel lid and faucet and a stylish glass stand
  • price determined by gemstone blend


Wine Decanter & Vino Gemstone Vial; Gemstone Droplet

  • Wine Decanter and Vino Gemstone Vials are hand-crafted. Decanter holds full bottle of wine.
  • Vino Gemstone Vial is filled with Amethyst and Clear Quartz. Ancient Greek already infused their wine with Amethyst. “Amethyst” means “the non-intoxicable”.
  • Works best with red wine. Most customers taste a difference: Wines gets rounder, Amethyst softens the tannins.


  • Gemstone Droplet is the hand-made mini-vial with 1 Amethyst for a glass of wine. Comes w/ leatherette case. Price: $60


What about sustainability?

VitaJuwel products are made from pollutant-free glass. VitaJuwel only uses hand-selected, fairly-traded stones. Reusable water bottles help to save the environment. In the US, there are 1,500 plastic bottles used per second! 80% are not recycled.


Where does this concept come from?/ Company background?       

The concept of infusing water with gems is hundreds of years old. VitaJuwel took it to the next level by sealing the gems in glass, making the way of preparing GemWater more efficient and hygienic. A family in Southern Germany started VitaJuwel about 10 years ago and still runs the business. Their US branch is located in the San Francisco Bay area.