What is “crystal water” or “gem water”?

Experts all over the world agree that water can be restructured, or "informed" in many different
ways. One of these ways is using vibrations. Like in a microwave: Put a glass with water in a
running microwave for some time and it will begin to boil. The microwave shoots waves at the
water molecules that causes them to vibrate. Everything that emits vibrations can influence
water. A very natural and subtle source of radiation are gems (or crystals).

People have been using gems to infuse their drinking water for thousands of years. The ancient Greek did it and
wise men and women in the Middle Ages. Of course they couldn't understand the scientific process but they realized, it changed something in their water. Something they could feel and taste. Over the time, they studied the effects of this "gem water" and developed a tradition
called "crystal healing".

There is lots of great literature on this topic.

 We reccomend the book  "Gem Water" by J. Goebel, M. Gienger)..

What are ViA bottles made of? Is it safe?

ViA’s body is made of pollutant-free glass. The lids are made of stainless steel and a non-toxic, BPA free polymer component with silicone washers to keep the bottle leak-proof.

How do the crystals restructure the water through glass?

Gems have a very subtle electromagnetic vibration that changes the water’s structure. Same concept like a glass of water in a microwave. Just way gentler and totally natural.

What makes ViA better than other crystal water bottles and why shouldn’t I put my own stones in a cheap bottle?

Putting stones directly in water to prepare crystal elixirs or gem water is not without risk. Some stones release toxic substances into the water or pollute the water by being impregnated with artificial resins. We came up with a worry-free concept that ensures your water gets vitalized the right way. In our products, the gems are encased in glass, so they stay bright and shiny over the
years without any cleaning hassle.

With VitaJuwel, gems NEVER come in direct contact with the water, so there is no chance of water pollution. Despite being sealed inside the glass, the gems still vitalize the water - just like sunrays warming you in your living room on a Sunday afternoon. The glass container acts as a prism for the crystals' natural vibrations, enhancing the very structure of the elixir of life. Taste it and see!

 Any information on the effect of crystals and gems on the body is intuitive in nature and not scientifically verified. VitaJuwel cannot guarantee
results with any gem or crystal. You should never substitute gems or crystals for professional medical treatment when indicated for any

Does gem water taste different than regular water?

Almost all ViA users report a difference in taste between regular drinking water and gem water.
Even the different VitaJuwel gem blends are reported to taste different. The difference is often perceived as very subtle, as a change in the texture of the water. Try for yourself!

How long does it take for the water to turn into gem water?

Tests have shown: 7 – 10 minutes.

How do I clean my ViA bottle? Is it dishwasher safe?

ViA is easy to clean. Detach the gem pod from the bottle, unscrew the glass part with the stones from the lid, take the silicone washer out and clean everything thoroughly with a mild detergent.

Rinse it well, and let it air-dry overnight. Same with the top lid:

Take out the washer, rinse it with a mild detergent, rinse it really good and let it air-dry. You can put the glass cylinder in the dishwasher.

Can I put boiling water in my ViA?

Yes, ViA is boiling-water safe, although you have to be extremely careful handling the bottle once filled with boiling water. While the bottle will not be damaged by boiling water, the outside of your ViA will get extremely hot and can burn you.

How long are VitaJuwel products good to use? To they have to be recharged?

You can use a VitaJuwel product all your life. Those stones are age-old so why would they lose their power in your life’s time? Just be careful not to break it.

How much water fits in a VIA?

16.9 oz. (500ml).

Where are the crystals from?

VitaJuwel has a great network of suppliers worldwide who focus on sustainability and fair trade.
Most of the stones come from South America, Australia, India and Afghanistan.

What blend works best for me?

That’s a little bit like asking, what food is best for me. It depends a lot on your personal situation, your mood, your preferences. If you’re unsure, follow your instinct and out first impulse.

If that doesn’t help either, choose WELLNESS.

Is there one universal blend for everything?

As there’s no single recipe for LOVE, HAPPINESS, WELLNESS, there’s no single blend that fulfills all your wishes.

Why do the stones in my ViA bottle look different than on a picture I saw?

Gems and crystals are unique like everyone of us. They are age-old natural products and therefore may vary in size, shape and color.

Can I change the stones or put my own stones in?

We’ve sealed the stones in the GemPods, so you can’t change them or take them out. We believe that our blends cover a very wide range of what you can achieve with the gems frequencies and it really takes some insight to a blend that’s good and safe to use. You might be really knowledgeable with stones, but most of the other people out there are not. We’d just like to provide a product that’s easy and safe to use by everybody.

What kind of water works best to create gemwater?

Use any kind of clean drinking water. Tap water is fine if it´s ok to drink in your area. It’s always a good idea to filter your water before you drink it. There’s lots of good water filter systems out there. Filtering your water will get you physically pure, but mostly just dead water. VitaJuwel adds the energy that you want in your water.

How durable is the ViA bottle?

ViA bottles are really sturdy, made of thick glass and hard to break. But treat them like every other glass vessel you have at home. It can break and although our LOOP Silicone Grips help a little, they won’t fully prevent that.

What if my bottle gets damaged?

Before every use make sure your gem vial is free of any damages. If it has cracks or other damages, stop using it. Damaged ViA bottles are not safe. The liquid inside the vial is super bitter, but not hazardous.