The Organic Project Cotton Knit Stretch T-Shirts

Girls Organic Cotton Stretch Solid and Fun Graphic T-Shirts and Tank Tops for Little Girls Aged 2 to 6 Years Old.

Perfect Base Piece and the Perfect White T-Shirt can be found here, as well as Fun Printed Zodiac Sign T-shirt Prints and Imaginative Cute Animal prints can also be found here.

If you find a print that we are currently out of stock in, Please send us a note and we will Print T-Shirt On Demand.

The Organic Project Story:



The Organic Project


We Like To Believe That We Are Unique In Nature, And So

Therefore, You Are Too.  Creating A Line Of Organic

Clothing With Pieces We Are Always Looking For And Wishing Was An Integral Part Of Our Wardrobe.


Relevant High-Quality Style Meets Sustainability, Responsibility, And Pureness. Influenced By Passion and a Belief In A Beautiful,  Harmonious and Exciting Lifestyle.





We Are A Socially Motivated Lifestyle Brand That Strives To Empower And Teach The People We Work With To Live Their Truth, Follow Their Dreams, Live Responsibly And Contribute To The Integrity Of Life And Well-being.


Years Of Traveling The World Has Influenced Our Style and Commitment To Quality.  While Standing Firm In Our Belief In The Incredible Power Of The Individual.



Style & Quality


Our Collections are Inspired By Years Of Curiosity, Discoveries, And Amazing Stories.


An International Lifestyle With A Tropical-Urban Twist That Translates Perfectly In Almost Any Language.


Aiming To Build A Collection That Consists Of Classics That Are Relevant At Any Time Of The Year And Not Replaced Every Season.


Wear Our Clothes, Not Purely Because They Are Made With Organic Fabrics, As That Should Not Be Anything Special Or Unusual.  But Because You Love Beautiful And Well- Made Clothing.






We Want The Retail Industry To Return To Safe and Sustainable Practices: Require And Expect Honesty And Openness From The Suppliers And Partners We Work With.


Our Fabrics

We Use Organic Cotton, As Cotton Is Ordinarily One Of The Most Heavily Sprayed Crops. And an array of recycled and organic fabrics in the whole collection.


By Choosing Organic Clothing, You Are Avoiding Farming Practices That Contribute To Polluting The Environment And To The Inhumane Treatment Of Garment Workers.


Make A Deliberate Difference To Changing The Current Irresponsible Methods Of Global Commerce One Day At A Time.


We Look Forward To The Time "Organic" Becomes The New Norm.. After all, There Really Is No Reason Why It Shouldn't Be.



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