The Only Sandals You Need For The Summer 🌞
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The Only Sandals You Need For The Summer 🌞

According to millions of Europeans, and Fashion Experts, Espadrilles Are (and Will Always Be),
the Only Shoe You Need For Summer.
As a devoted sandal-wearer, I can confidently say that I think the rope soled style is the perfect summer shoe.

And with our perpetual island lifestyle, they are not just ideal for the beach, but for just about every sunny occasion. Adding a subtle vintage, and easy-going beachy vibe to your look.

Not sure how to pull them off?  Well, depending on the style you choose, you could pair your rope-soled sandals with black trousers and soft linen or cotton white shirt,  a floaty floral dress or skirt, denim shorts and a tee over the weekend, or your favorite swimsuit at the beach.  The options are endless.

Essentially, any shoe with a braided rope sole can qualify as an espadrille.

I can remember my first pair of Espadrilles, they were gifted to me by my mother, whose Spanish roots ensured they were a staple in my wardrobe.

I must have been about15 years old, and they were your classic flats with a navy blue canvas finish, come to think of it, I also had them in white, in stripes, and perhaps a multitude of other colors.

I still love them today, and my collection has transformed over the years to include wedges, crystals uppers, and in varying heel heights, and colors.

The history of espadrille making goes back to sometime around the 1840's, and still today, the classic style is still being made and worn (if not owned) by at least every Spaniard and by most sunny sea holiday seeking Europeans. 

 Ready to meet your chic summer sole mate?
We’ve rounded up a few of our best-selling rope soled sandals we have in stock for you.
Shop one, shop them all.
Esprit Guam
Jester at the beach!

Like our Nomadic State of Mind Jester Sandals in Natural?
Prefer Black?  We have them both.

The summer is here, and rope sandals and espadrilles are seriously on-trend right now. (they are, every summer!)

Do you have a pair yet?
We've been receiving a lot of orders this month for our Nomadic State of Mind Sandals.

Seems like the sun is warming everyone up, and they have travel on the mind. Either that or can't wait to pull out their warm-weather wardrobe and implement rope sandals into serious rotation.

Featured Nomadic State of Mind Sandals Above:  The Wedge

Top 10 Reasons You Need These Sandals (or any of our Nomadic State of Mind styles)
  • They will get you laid.....back.
  • Handcrafted, with Real hands! (in Nicaragua)
  • Machine Washable & Colorfast
  • Ability to leap small puddles in a single bound.
  • They float, you don't ... remember that!
  • Makes you Too sexy
  • Affordable, long-lasting.
  • Super-light for your intergalactic travel
  • Worn by history's best prophets.
  • The convertible sandal...and yes, this is a test

Warning! we are not responsible if you begin your planet travel once you put your sandals on.
The Perfect Pair!

Rope Sandals and Natural Gems compliment each other from the sea to dry land and into the sunset.

Take a look at our Crystal Persuasion Jewelry collection and make it a "double check-out", which will result in multiple "double looks" while  you play in the summer sun.

Featured Nomadic State of Mind Sandals:
Above:  Jester in Natural
            and JC in Black

Take the first original Nomadic State of Mind style every made,
 the JC Sandal in natural (above),  for a spin on your next adventure.

  It won't be your last, and oh, the stories your sandals could tell!
We've spied these styles up and down the French Rivera, and the trend does not seem to end.  
Mediterranean Style done right.

Paired with our ultra light weight and distressed washed denim shorts.
Nomadic State of Mind Featured Sandal : Toe Joe
Stay Hydrated This Summer!

A glass water bottle designed in the German Alps,  that turns regular drinking water into heavenly spring water? 

  "YES, Please!"
Don't forget your Vita Juwel Gem-Water bottle for the
ultimate finishing touch.

With our Wellness blend encapsulated in a hand-crafted glass pod full of carefully selected Amethysts, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz, you will enjoy water like never before. 

I expect that you may even start to experience some Calming, Balancing and Relaxing effects with the gems unique frequency.

Feel the positive vibrations,  Enjoy restructured, heavenly water like fresh from the spring wherever you are.

Other Crystal Virtues of our
Wellness Blend include:  Inspiration, Clarity, Focus, Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom, Love,
Harmony and Balance. 

Experts claim that amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions.

Rose Quartz fosters tranquility and harmony.

Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception.

As a combination, they're used for their wonderfully invigorating effect.

WELLNESS is the best “everyday water”.

Most customers find it to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure, with which VitaJuwel blend to start your collection, choose this one.

Curious about our Gem Water? 
We LOVE talking about it, so go ahead and ask.

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