To Mom, With Love  🌹   25 delightful gifts for Mom. 👑
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To Mom, With Love 🌹 25 delightful gifts for Mom. 👑

I love that there is one day highlighted every year that gives mom 24 hours when she can willingly sit back and let others take the reigns.

We may even get a little excited to do all the things for her, that she doesn't even think twice about doing for us.

Kind of mind-blowing really, especially when I am sure, she will still manage to wield her magic wand and ensure everything is running smoothly, even on Mother's Day.    

Yes, Mom always has everything covered and knows exactly how to establish a  snag-free day.  

She also probably owns everything she wants
and with the many years of mother's Day behind her,
you have probably exhausted all gift ideas.  

Flowers are nice, a certificate for a massage
or spa service is also nice.
Just as simply putting together a beautiful meal in her honor can be so meaningful.  

But how about something she would never buy for herself but would delight in calling her own? 

I think we have so many unique pieces that sing out "special"... 

Items that she would probably never think of buying for herself, but so beautiful to own.  

  Mom's appointed holiday only comes around once a year, and since that time is now,
how about our last note on the subject of Gift Ideas? 

I know "Every Day" is Mother’s day, so there really is no such thing as a "last-minute" gift to worry about.

Order today on line. 

Though it may not get to you in time for Mother's Day at this late date.  Just remember, that Every Day is Mother's Day.
International Delights

Nothing smells like luxury than the smell of leather, especially from our artisan-made beautiful leather Greek sandals,
flown in direct from a family-owned atelier in Greece. 

Mom will feel pretty special wearing a pair!

Or how about our handmade Filigree brass earrings,
raw pearl hoops, and brass rings?
  These beauties float in directly from Turkey.

And I have to add one last international delight to this mix.  

The enchanting Lotus, geranium leaf, and bergamot reed diffuser,  flown in from Australia.

  I am really loving the delicate notes this scent emits, and find how it completely transforms, my once cluttered room, into a space of delightful wonder. 
Is Mom a Wine Lover? 

(are YOU a wine lover?).

I think this decanter is a work of art, and could stare at it everyday in wonder.

 It has been such a centerpiece of conversation over dinners too! 

You might wonder what having gems in your wine could do, besides look decadent.

Amethyst softens the wine's natural tannins, making it taste smoother, while maintaining the wines signature aroma.

Well, I think it definitely improves the taste, and if it does for wine, what It does for water, then sign me up. 

Not ready for a decanter? 

Our mini droplet is the perfect gift, and since you can structure your water with it "on the go", you can do the same with your glass of wine at the end of the day.

Oh, and did I mention, they are made in Germany? 

Yes, another international delight (well, two) on our Mother's Day list.
Always so practical and user friendly.
(I have 3 of them in my purse keeping everything organized at all times, it seems its the only thing "organized" in my life these days).

What a relief.

Okay, one last idea.

Why not add a little surprise into one of our nylon bag models by adding one of our crystal bodhi beaded bracelets inside?

Featured here: 
Serenity Bodhi with Angel Charm:  Sodalite and Clear Quartz.
And our Vision blend, with Shungite to protect you from EMF waves and the 7 Chakra stones to keep you in balance from head to toe.
See all these styles and more by visiting our Mother's Day Gift Guide.

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