How to Style Printed Viscose Blouses

How to Style Printed Viscose Blouses

What are printed viscose blouses? 

Viscose is known as the third most used textile fiber in the world and is also classified as a semi-synthetic fabric. It is also the most popular and fastest embroidery thread in the world covering 80% of embroideries. With that, viscose blouses are designed and made and tailored to style.

Printed viscose blouses are versatile as it goes well with anything. The prints and patterns come with different designs to help you showcase your fashion ideas and personality. Let me show you other ways on how you can style that printed viscose blouse of yours.

How to Style Printed Viscose Blouses 

Below we've created a list of style ideas you can use to create the perfect outfit that pairs nicely with viscose blouses. 


Denim and viscose blouses make a good pair as they are both versatile wear. With this pair, discomfort will have no room on your body. Plain colored denim jeans paired with a semi printed viscose blouse is ideal casual wear in the summer. Besides, light-colored viscose clothing is also effective in cooling down your body.

Viscose blouses also come with different necklines, and it is essential to choose a neckline that fits on your body type to achieve a glamorous and smart look. Comfy jeans and a printed viscose blouse with round or plunging neckline is an excellent choice for a casual look.


As mentioned, one of the best things about viscose fabric is that they are comfy and look good on all occasions. Skirts are one of our favorites especially during formal/casual events or as office wear. Viscose fabric is also amongst the top pick fabrics in office wear. Pencil cut skirts will look great with a printed viscose blouse.

Accessories will also help to accentuate your body. Remember that you have to pick accessories wisely as you do not want something distracting; especially if you are working in an office or attending a formal event. However, if you want a safer look, tuck in the viscose blouse inside the skirt and accessorize with a belt.


Shorts and printed viscose blouses are perfect for your summer themed wardrobe. Short sleeved blouses with viscose fabric are comfy on the skin and if you want to feel the summer vibe, opt for printed viscose tees. With this perfect look, you can now readily show yourself off under the summer heat.

You should also know that there are viscose made clothing that feels hot and uncomfortable on the skin which is a no-no. With this, it is essential for the wearer to be knowledgeable about the fabric. Anyway, a mixture of viscose and silk fabric will give coolness to your skin. See if you can find that fabric!


Printed viscose blouses will also look fabulous if worn underneath your suit. The printed design is pleasing on the eye and showcases confidence and professionalism. If you want to look professional and smart, choose a less revealing design such as a closed neck top and wear it underneath the suit.

Viscose made clothing is also one of the most appropriate fabrics to wear underneath a suit as they are comfortable and soft in the skin. It is also essential to choose the right color as you do not want to look out of place during your business presentation. Nevertheless, a good suit with a nicely printed viscose blouse and self-confidence is all you need to win your client's approval!


The truth is… accessories are the most critical aspect of clothing and design as it defines the occasion and fashion ideas in general. The choice of accessories truly depends on personality and style. We cannot question someone's choice of accessories as we all have stories about why we choose to wear it.

With the printed viscose blouse; belts, necklace, and hats are top accessory choices! They will all look stylish and fabulous with the shirt depending on how you style it. Considering the occasion is also essential as you have to choose those accessories that fit with it. However, you are welcome to experiment on different accessories!

With these general tips on how to style a viscose blouse, you can now confidently flaunt that shirt on any occasion!

As you can see, there are many ways on how you can style a printed viscose blouse. Generally speaking, it will look good with anything. All you have to do is align your fashion ideas with the occasion and the most acceptable style. In that way, you will look amazing in viscose!

Note that color, prints, and accessories make the printed viscose blouse stylish. Choose a color that is neither attention seeking nor dull. When choosing prints for viscose blouses, choose a more detailed or abstract design to enhance the viscose masterpiece. Accessories are also essential as it tells a story about yourself and the occasion that you are attending.


Indeed, viscose blouses with printed designs are fashionable and stylish. Styling such a garment is relatively easy. All you have to do is consider the occasion and come up with a fashion style that is in line with the event. No to revealing and big accessories as it drowns that prints in the viscose blouse!

Lastly, you should also try experimenting on other ways of styling a printed viscose blouse. Discoveries are always great! Who knows? It could point you to new options!

In reality, it is not about fashion but how you carry yourself and treat people. Fashion style is just an ornament that is designed to make people look glamorous on the outside. Nothing beats a good attitude! If you want to achieve the best style and fashion, be bold and be confident!

In that way, viscose fabric will never let you down!

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