The Crown Juwel Gem Water Pet Bowl - Shop The Only Gift You Need For The Dog Lovers In Your Life

Shop The Only Gift You Need For The Dog Lovers In Your Life - The Crown Juwel.

The Gemwater Bowl for 4-Legged Royals!


Together with Veterinarians and gemstone experts Vita Juwel spent almost two years researching a gemstone blend for cats and dogs.

Aimed at increasing the overall well-being of pets, to boost their vitality and raise their enthusiasm for lively water.

When selecting the materials for CrownJuwel, they specifically focused on sustainability and robustness.

The main component of the sturdy and bite-resistant bowl is bamboo.

The GemPod is filled with Jade, Agate, Clear Quartz, Peridot and Mangano Calcite and consists of pollutant-free glass.

CrownJuwel is available in natural white, slate grey and ocean blue.  
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Sturdy and bite resistant surface made from bamboo (70% bamboo/cornstarch/wood, 30% artificial resin).

Gemstones inside the GemPod (made from glass) vitalize the water.

Gemstone blend is tailored to the special needs of cats and dogs.

Created with the help of by Veterinarians

Diameter: ca. 22cm | 8.6 in.
Height: ca. 11cm | 4.3 in.
Volume: ca. 750ml | 25.3 fl.oz.

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