What To Wear In Guam

What To Wear In Guam

Aside from being one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world, Guam is also famous for its pristine white beaches, nice climate and it is a country with diverse culture and traditions. Guam`s picturesque white beaches and crystal clear ocean are ideal spots for relaxation and recreation.
As you can imagine, Guam has a tropical climate with primarily hot and wet seasons. As a first time traveler, it is always best to consider the climate of your destination to prepare the outfits that you will be needing for your next move or holiday.

While preparing for travel to this tropical island it's important to consider what type of clothes are suitable for Guam. After all, everyone wants be comfortable when traveling. 

You may be struggling to decide what you should bring on your trip to Guam? If so, continue to read on as this post will shed some light on your recent fashion conundrum. 

What to wear when traveling to Guam

Tip 1 - What to Wear When Traveling To Guam

Travel light. Do not bring stuff that you do not need. Take this advice and you will have a hassle-free trip. I used to bring the whole house with me when I traveled. Back then, it felt like I couldn`t fully relax as I needed to unpack a big suitcase of chaos! Additionally, if you're traveling from a cold climate during a time when summer gear is out of season it's very unlikely that you'll be able to conveniently purchase the type of clothing necessary. The great news is Guam has many shops like Esprit which conveniently offer appropriate and fashionable attire for the islands warm weather. 

Tip 2 - Pack Essential Items When Traveling To Guam

If you are heading to Guam for a week or two, you should at least pack three to four pairs of casual wear, a comfortable jumper, formal wear, some beachwear and accessories. If you are clothes crazy like myself, I am pretty sure you are not impressed by this idea, but no problem. Take your dirty clothing to the laundromat to have them fresh and clean!

Growing up in a country with the same climate, it is quite easy to choose which type of clothing can I wear in Guam. The truth is… anything that has a light color, loose and soft cotton fabric is good. These are some of my favorites and you better make sure that these outfits are with you when you travel.

Tip 3 - Types of Casual Items You Should Bring To Guam

For casual attire, it is always best to choose a blouse or t-shirt paired with jeans or trousers. This is a good choice because they are comfy and as a newcomer to the place, you must be hyped and excited to explore the area. You must admit, this is the perfect clotheswear for you!

The white ¾ sleeve blouse paired with pants woven cropped by Esprit are ideal options because they are comfy and will enable you to move around freely. Both items come with a soft fabric which feels soft on your skin. They are also light colored which is ideal if you travelling to tropical countries.

The floral printed black summer dress by Esprit is another comfortable wear you can flaunt on the island or beaches you will be visiting. You can also slay in this versatile dress on any occasion. It has a soft fabric that can add to your comfort and a wide sleeve which can help cool your body while wearing it.

Tip 5 - Conservative Fashion While In The Tropics

Show less skin to look sexy and fashionable. That is the new fashion trend this day. You can try Esprit`s stripe woven blouse paired with a black woven short. With this outfit, you are good to go! Both items have a comfortable soft fabric which is cool in the skin and will not make you feel uneasy while doing your activities.

Tip 6 - Beach Gear and Accessories on Guam

If you want to enjoy the beaches and explore the underwater, make sure to pick the most suitable beachwear. You can use the typical one piece or two-piece swimwear and cover-ups or you can go with simple yet comfortable beach attire such as a pair of shorts or skirt and t-shirt. Try the Esprit`s short sleeved shirt and glencheck checkered skirt with wrap over effect.

Next tip is… to look even more fashionable and trendy accentuate your outfits with hats, bags and pieces of jewelery! You are better off with relatively big round hats to protect your face and body from the heat paired with pieces of jewellery that look good on your outfit. And never forget to bring bags for your essentials! I highly recommend the Esprit mini faux feather rucksack. It has a good
size which is fitted for your phone or a tiny camera and a wallet. I loved the design and the material. It has a trendy classic design that looks good on any outfit.

Scarves are also good for when you travel because it serves you with many purposes, apart from being an accessory. You can also use it to cover yourself for when you go to the beach. Good idea, right? 

As for men, you can go in shorts, t-shirts, trousers and polo shirts. Shorts and t-shirts will make you feel comfy in the hot weather while trousers paired with polo shirts or long sleeves are ideal for when you are visiting formal places.
Try the versatile Esprit`s cotton made jersey logo t-shirt paired with the chino shorts. If you fancy an evening in a more formal setting, you will look dashing on the Henley top with layered look design and the stripe houndstooth trousers.

Final Thoughts on What To Wear in Guam

The bottom line is… clothing is essential when we travel. Most of us want to travel for fun and relaxation and having the most comfortable clothes will help you feel more chilled and happy while enjoying the trip. Pick up the most suitable fabric and choose the most suitable wear in the climate. If Guam is your holiday destination, soft thin fabric is your choice.

We should always pay attention to what we wear when we visit places. Always consider the climate in the area for you to adjust your clothing. With that premise, you will have an enjoyable and hassle-free travel experience!

The best part is… you can experience people`s culture in clothing. If you are in Guam, you can get to interact with the Guamanians without feeling uncomfortable or you can visit historical places, dine and drink on beautiful restaurants and explore the country`s history to the depth. Who knows? Maybe Guam is the place for you!

Start packing your bags now… and never forget what you should wear in Guam!